Flight Training

TRAINING PROGRAM (GST not included):

  • Flight - instruction: $220.00 per flight hour
  • Flight - supervised solo: $220.00 per flight hour
  • Informal ground briefing: no charge
  • Training manual / Briefing notes package: $65.00
  • Charge for airfield use: no charge
  • Charge for formal class room lectures: $45.00 per hour
  • Trial Instructional Flight: 20 minute briefing & 30 minute flight: $100.00
  • Aircraft hourly private hire (wet): $200.00
  • Workshop charge: $70.00 per hour
  • Flight Instruction in your aircraft $80.00
  • Services provided by Coominya Flight Training:
  • Passenger and Radio endorsement
  • G A to Light aircraft conversion
  • Navigation endorsement
  • Tail wheel endorsement
  •  New modern Accommadation for block training
  • Advanced pilot training
  • Human Factor endorsement
  • Biennial flight review
  • Fully equipped workshop for Recreational aircraft
  • Instructor training

We have gift certificates for Trial Introductory Flights, and Scenic Flights over the Valley. A great present to be enjoyed by all ages.

Coominya Flight Training is a 'one on one' training school from start to finish and John Walmsley is our highly experienced and well trained CFI.